Accessories Highlights: And the Winners (So Far) Are…

While fashion week is first and foremost about clothes, we can't help but notice that designers are focusing more and more on creating fresh, eye-catching, sometimes quirky – and always Instagrammable – jewelry, hats, bags, and leather goods for men and women. Here are our favorite pieces from Paris’ Spring/Summer 2020 menswear season so far. 


Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2020 menswear show in Paris. Photo by Regis Colin Berthelier for NOWFASHION.

Needless to say, leather goods, bags, and made-to-order travel trunks are Louis Vuitton's indisputable fields of expertise. Virgil Abloh made a range of eye-catching office and travel bags, and amongst them, the most desirable ones were the triangle-shaped, tone-in-tone monogram handbags for men. They add a contemporary, of-the-moment feel to Vuitton's artisanal heritage and confirm that – contrary to widely held misconceptions that craftsmanship is dying out – artisanal pieces are here to stay, and still a significant part of today's luxury business.


Valentino Spring/Summer 2020 menswear show in Paris. Photo by Gio Staiano for NOWFASHION.

In recent seasons, fashion designers have been obsessed with defying regular proportions by creating either supersized or tiny leather bags. The latter is an attempt to make accessories and leather handier than ever before, almost like a piece of body jewelry; one that evokes a certain sense of freedom. Pierpaolo Piccioli did his very own version of the new trendy it-bag by offering a range of handy wallets and cell phone purses worn like cross-body bags. The camouflage-patterned one was particularly desirable.


Angus Chiang Spring/Summer 2020 menswear show in Paris. Photos by Gio Staiano for NOWFASHION.

While CD-inspired earrings are nothing new, Angus Chiang's melted version of the CD-earring accessories had something intriguing about them and was reminiscent of Dali's melting clocks, symbols of the passing of time. By bringing back the CD, as outdated as it might be, Angus Chiang made a nostalgic statement and reminded us of the emotional collector-value it had in the pre-digital age. One that still should be cherished today, according to the designer himself. 


KIDILL Spring/Summer 2020 menswear show in Paris. Photo by Guillaume Roujas for NOWFASHION.

What are these neckpieces about? Voodoo-dolls, Master Yoda, and polka-dotted eggs? We still have a hard time figuring out what precisely these necklaces are crafted with. All we know is that these pendant creations, designed by KIDILL's Hiroaki Sueyasu, were the perfect finishing touch to the brand's outlandish and punk-flavored men's outfits. To further emphasize the cool oddity of these pendants, Sueyasu added girly-girly bow adornments and shiny pearl necklaces to hold them. 


Facetasm Spring/Summer 2020 menswear show in Paris. Photos by Gio Staiano for NOWFASHION.

Why choose between either one or the other when you can have both headpieces in one, boundary-pushing design? Ever the rule breaker, Facetasm's Hiromichi Ochiai fused a baseball cap and fencing mask into one, cool accessory. Upon closer look, the mask could also be interpreted as the shortened back-part of a baseball cap, but Ochiai has left us with plenty of ways to interpret his quirky accessory. In one way or another, it made for an outlandish finishing touch on his experimental men's and women's looks. 


VETEMENTS Spring/Summer 2020 show in Paris. Photos by Guillaume Roujas for NOWFASHION.

As per usual, VETEMENTS was full of pop-culture and normcore flavored references and accessories, and this necklace, in particular, made our hearts beat faster. It is quite discreet (which is not really an adjective usually used when describing VETEMENTS), but if you look closer, you'll see a replica of 'The Heart of the Ocean’ – the fictional heart-shaped blue diamond necklace featured prominently in the 1997 blockbuster Titanic and worn by Kate Winslet during her steamy hot scene with Leonardo Dicaprio. This fantastic piece of movie culture was inspired by the actual $250 million 'Hope Diamond.' Speaking of the 1990s, the fabulous 'I love Paris Hilton' tee sported by the model in this picture causes a severe case of nostalgia. The type of nostalgia whose symptoms include binge-watching all seasons of 'The Simple Life.’